Right Thing (Andrea remix) Lyrics By Rosie Lowe feat. Andrea

Artist/Band Name: Rosie Lowe feat. Andrea

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Lyrics To Right Thing (Andrea remix)

I’ve still got
The notes we left on pillows
They’re in a box
Next to all the memories
What’s been and gone
What’s gone is history
And now you’re close
I remember all the good things
I forgot them all
Like I’ve woken from a crazy dream
I’ve awoke
And I am a fraud
For letting go

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I thought I made the right choice
Then you came
In spite of me
We’re what remains
And you are beautiful
Thought I made the right choice
Then you came
Am I to blame?
Did I lose this game?
You are beautiful

When things got tough
I flew a million miles like a shooting star
I have to get as far I could go
But I ignored your
Everything (your everything)
And now you’re close
And talkin’ ’bout your new love
I’m so happy for you
You deserve everything that’s good
But I feel such a fool
For letting you go

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