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Lyrics To Ride Forever

{phone rings}
911 what’s your emergency
My parents are missing
They’re older
My father relies heavily on medication for dementia
The neighbors saw them packing up their car and leaving
No one has heard from them in days
What are the ages or your parents
My mother is 76
My father is 79

It feels like years are flying by
Just won’t slow down
Spots where we used to eat at are all closed down
It’s just me and you left in this small ghost town
I could listen to you breathe ’til there’s no more sound
Let’s jump inside the ride and ride forever x4

[Verse 1]
Driving 90 on the highway
He’s [jetting?] nervous
Keep checking his rear-view like every other second
He turned to his wife and said, “I think he’s right behind us
But if I take this next exit right here, he’ll never find us”
She smiled at him fighting back tears to calm his fears
That tricks worked for like the past 60 years
Cause even when they were young, she knew he was the one
She walked to his son to bury the smoking gun
That’s love
The type that people say you can’t purchase
You jump in front of bullets for a life of secret service
But every single day no matter whatever she say
He’s convinced there’s somebody trying to take her away
And she knows it’s his age
He’s confused and he’s panicked
But the fact he kidnapped her from death’s kinda romantic
So maybe just another town
Maybe it’s forever
As long as they can spend a little more time together

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[Verse 2]
No matter what he ain’t going now not without a fight
If he has to drink coffee and drive all through the night
He can tell somebody wants to take her but doesn’t know who
It’s just this feeling in his gut for like the last month or two
So he told her pack a bag with some clothes and the old photos
Filled the car with gas and popped a couple of no doze
Been driving for days
He swear he’s going insane
And the motels they stay at are starting to look the same
He could see it on her face
She’s tired – she can’t pretend
But nobody in this world is going to take his best friend
Raised three kids and now their grand-kids are having babies
It’s crazy but nothing matters more to him than his lady
He glances in the passenger seat and stops and stares
It looks like she’s sleeping but he knows she’s not there
He pushes on the gas
Car accelerates fast
Aimed straight into a tree
Didn’t even feel the crash

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{news story and people talking in background}
After this fiery crash in Bourne
Just look at that video
Police say the driver veered off the road and into the guard rail
That is when the car burst into flames
The crash meanwhile is still under investigation

We drove by it actually
I remember
But that one’s right there
They’re both cool

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So summer’s over
It’s September again
And I know the kids are going back to school and what not
And what to do now

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