Rich (feat. Koker) Lyrics By M.I. Abaga feat. Koker

Artist/Band Name: M.I. Abaga feat. Koker

Album Name: The Chairman


Lyrics To Rich (feat. Koker)

Ilekun a si (Doors will open)
Ise owo mi, fi alubarika si (Bless my handiwork)
Everything we dey face right now go turn story
We will all be rich

From cooking with kerosene,
To the back of limousine
Going where we never been
Seeing things we never seen

They don’t wanna let us see
But sooner one day we get to see
From buying food inside newspaper
To the front page of magazine

From dustbin to the mansion
They go pack out and we pack in
From washing clothes inside latrine
Till we doing proposal with car key

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When I chop, then you chop
Then we chop, its tag team
Dem bad belle people they hating on you
E go do them like bad dream

I was telling my family, my daddy my mummy
My brothers, I’m talking bout jagz and zamani
We don’t have no money they treating us funny
But soon we’ll be talking to Toolz on ndani

Morning is coming and soon it will be sunny
Land will be flowing with milk and with honey
Driving a Bentley and dating Agbani
Flying to yankee to pick up the grammy

Omo baba olowo
All of our children will sing that tomorrow
Cos they don’t know what it’s like in the ghetto
They don’t know the meaning of borrow

From blessing to blessing
No stress in my life, I’m progressing
Confessing confessions of flexing
Till my pocket is flexing

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Yes, I’m wishing you money, I’m wishing you money, I’m wishing you wealth
I pray that you ball, I pray that you ball, I’m wishing you health
Whatever you pray for yourself, may you receive it and more
May you not be greedy at all, your wealth to be feeding the poor

They don’t believe you will soar, they say no one will see you on tour
But from barely surviving to businesses thriving until you can even the score
When they see you tomorrow they won’t recognize that they’ve seen you before.

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