Rhythm + Control (Electro Version) Lyrics By Aesthetic Perfection feat. William Control & Nyxx

Artist/Band Name: Aesthetic Perfection feat. William Control & Nyxx

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Lyrics To Rhythm + Control (Electro Version)

You got me lost inside your groove girl
I cannot find my beat
You caught me staring in the strobe light
Singing your melody
Heard your voice and yeah you told me everything
You whispered “light a cigarette and come with me”
We’re gonna keep it going keep it going
You and I til we bleed

Now slow down
This pressure’s all we know
So back down
Let the rhythm take control
Rhythm takes control!

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I know you try to keep it cool boy
But you can’t keep your time
Don’t you see there’s a “you” and “me” but we don’t rhyme
Stuck inside a song that’s on repeat
Once I’ve had enough I’ll switch it up and change the key
I’m gonna keep it going
Keep it going ’cause baby you’re mine

My pulse is picking up the pace
The pressure starts to grow
In a superficial world this
Rhythm is all we know
Time to get out on the floor an find myself
Instead of dancing to the tune of someone else
Our hearts are syncopated syncopated
Yeah your high is my low

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