Return to the City of Folded Arms Lyrics By Bluebottle Kiss

Artist/Band Name: Bluebottle Kiss

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Lyrics To Return to the City of Folded Arms

Can’t say that it’s great to be back
When all the lavender in my back yard is either dull or black
Hole in the sky with my sun glasses on
Guess the only conclusion is in song
Someone’s gone never knew they were there
Hopeless with stuff like that, don’t even know the smell of hair
Trying to find a positive space
Pick up receiver and someone’s father says:

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“Can’t you see you’re nobody”

Such a sickened anti-grace when there’s always someone, or something stingin’ you in the face
Black comedies always going too far and this one’s pushing me to burn this wretched guitar
Straight to the city of folded arms I can’t be bothered to siphon out it’s charms
Inanimate objects to communicate, strum up and down and it tells me that:

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“This is free, is it really, ‘cause can’t you see, you’re nobody”

You’re nobody

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