Ressurection (6th Communion) [Live] Lyrics By Christian Death

Artist/Band Name: Christian Death

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Lyrics To Ressurection (6th Communion) [Live]

The ceremony Cradles my head in trace
I brush dust from my teeth
Fleeing hands and spiders
Plead for salvation
They wash the clawed of a priest
Ritual mockery rectified doubt
I’m holding with arms open wide
Sleeping endless sleep
On a bed of nails
Wake me up with your kiss

I’m waiting for consummation
I’m waiting for contemplation
I’m waiting for confrontation
Waiting for a place to
Lay my body down

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The proud encasing of another soul
Buried deep ‘neath the shroud
Flourished with the venom
Of the serpent’s son
I close my eyes retreat
The prayer hands lays down
On the edge of my sleep
Sister death in lepers’s guise
Through crimson eyes
Of the holy one
All will learn to see

Invocations are invitations
To the bloody red sheets
The circle is broken
By the sleeve
A sacrifice of one

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Resurrection- past reflection
Revelation- last discretion
Confession- confession

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