Rennisyak 2 (Anthem) Lyrics By Kaysinners

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Lyrics To Rennisyak 2 (Anthem)

Right now.
Right now.
We gonna get together and give you a tune that we have allowed request for
You want a little music?
It’s time to get back!
Back to the mutha fucking rap.
Where lyrics combine, and words just snap.
Where it doesn’t even matter if you got the hot beat.
Lyrics is the real content.
That’s the word on the streets.
While people like rappers that claim they’re thugs…
I like lyrics that just make em shrug.
Clap, Clap mutha fucka, while you go to the grave.
Career is over.
thats when I came.
Kaysinners storming in, you can’t even see the lightning.
Camouflaged like a soldier, to beat me, start fighting.
Fighting with the music you make.
And if you got those corny bars, then hit those brakes.
I hang with lots of chicks that can relate, but I don’t hang with crazy people that just be fake.
So tell me what you really gonna do?.
When Kaysinners come for you?
Sins all across the face…
and you’ll be like ”
My dudeeee”.
You cannot match with the legend.
A criminal murdering lyrics you would think that I’m a felon.
So who are you telling?
Don’t talk no shit.
And ill pop no melons, I point blank tell em, that’s a cold blank statement for these cold hard killings.
Ima predator, maybe like an old gray senator.
If you want that trophy you know that Ima get it first.
Like the government, I make those big bold statements.
Rennisyak 2, better put that on a pavement.
This is the anthem.
Or Rennisyak 2
Gotta hit these people with the fucking Rennisyak.
Barely wear white so now I’m wearing black.
Not a fan of lies so I’m sticking to those facts.
No evidence will leave you dead on track.
Sick and tired of people really wanting fame.
Yo fuck fame!
I want a milli that rains.
People talk about dumb shit, talking that gun shit, Ima have a fit, people still wonder why gay guys suck dick.
Worry about your life and your story.
Cause you might be a bitch that won’t get to be 40.
Fucking useless cruel world.
Fuck everybody!
Girls post about you and they won’t be sorry.
Some Guys only want sex, like it’s the only hobby.
I want change so come meet me at the lobby.
These guys want that Ferrari, these bitches want a guy with the car keys, that personality sloppy.
Probably still talking to mommy and daddy like ”
Daddy he got me”.
This is the anthem.
Or Rennisyak 2

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