Reflections Lyrics By Petula Clark

Artist/Band Name: Petula Clark

Album Name: Lost In You


Lyrics To Reflections

Reflections of my life reveal so many misty memories
Of me, as a tiny child in Wales of mountains streams and daydreams.
I’d sing all through the days and there in the chapel with the organ playing.

I knew from the very start
that music was in my heart to stay
with me all the way
each and every day of my life.

And though I was only six years old,
My soul was so much older
with the joy and love to lead me on
and angels on my shoulder

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So now that my heart is heavy
and the world seems too demanding
I go to that other place and smile with her happy face
She’s there with me everywhere
And we breathe the sweet mountain air.

I travel a long and winding road
to all of life’s directions
and now in the mirror I can see it all in these reflections
and through all my ups and downs
disillusion, joy and wonder
we stand in the golden light
one voice reaching through the night
At last the present and the past
live together here in my heart.

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