Red Prison Lyrics By Purgatory

Artist/Band Name: Purgatory

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Lyrics To Red Prison

Enslaved is the dying soul
In a mighty silence
And lost in great scourging emptiness
In the red prison, where helpless begging screams
Grown in the pulsating, venomous liquid of life

Freedom is where horizons ending
So far and inaccessible
Scars are growing to painful wounds
Damned to rot in the own flesh

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The red prison is
Where all hopes are killed so effortlessly
Origin of a suffering soul
A living hell materialized in flesh

And behind are the dead and floating away
In a tenacious, lifeless stream
Towards the throne of pain – heart

Where demons dwell in bleeding lava
Haunting, raping and murdering the soul

Longing for a fearless damn
But no hope grows behind these lifeless eyes…

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