Red Lights Lyrics By Jordan Hull

Artist/Band Name: Jordan Hull

Album Name:


Lyrics To Red Lights

When She came clean
Cut me worse than I’d ever dreamed
Such Suffering
I couldn’t bear so I left the scene


(And I went) down through the city streets from her Chateau
There where call girls meet under red lights of love
Through the city streets and the shadows
There in the comfort of

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Verse 2:

Needless to say
That a part of me died that day
Why should I pray?
I only want what she took away



Somehow I knew her lips were loose
Talked to her friends, that gave me proof
And so it ends, here I’m aloof
Watching my whole world falling

I was lead in, held by hand
Pain turns to sin, sin makes a man
Innocence ends, and here I stand
Watching my whole world falling


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