Reasons to Leave Lyrics By Kieran Goss

Artist/Band Name: Kieran Goss

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Lyrics To Reasons to Leave

Ireland’s a dream
Of hope for what the day will bring
The land and the sea
Is what I’ve come to trust
All that I am
Is telling me I should not go
And all that I know
Is they’re telling me I must

Reasons to leave
Are money and finding better work
Reasons to stay
Are music and love
Reasons to leave
Are fortune and fame for what it’s worth
The reason to stay
Is heaven on earth

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My brothers are ten
And sisters I have five
Four to one bed
Is room enough to grow
All that we are
Is all that I have ever known
And all that I have
Will be here when I’m gone

I’ve heard about work up in Boston
Laying tracks down to San Augustine
Sometimes with an eye for New Zealand
I lean

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