Raven City Lyrics By Nancy Elizabeth

Artist/Band Name: Nancy Elizabeth

Album Name: Dancing


Lyrics To Raven City

Oh we lost ourselves in the city that Raven built for us to keep us. When we first met in the city, I had no idea what had hit me. I thought it was just love, no. I revealed and beheld all the universe in me. It knelt before me like a knight before the queen. I know other entities made merry with my feelings. Dancing snow fell sweetly to my feet. But he couldn’t care and that made me fight. Oh I wanted love dearly, but it wasn’t quite the thing that I thought it might be to me. And it hurt me so fearfully but I stayed in sight of the only way that we can stay in safety. Oh the Raven would revel at the ruins and the Dove’s dolour. Raven wanted a war. If the Dove delights, makes the Raven see red so I’ll keep flowing steadily and holding on tight to the only way that we can stay in safety. Life is beautiful and that doesn’t change, but I’ve got to be ready to exchange old rocks for gold and deepen my heart. Well although it is heavy I just cannot part from the only way that we can stay in safety. Now I know why he wouldn’t stay with me. Oh as my heart it landed baby, there’s no way to go back to the tiny feelings that I had before.

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