Railway Shoes Lyrics By Robyn Hitchcock

Artist/Band Name: Robyn Hitchcock

Album Name: Miscellaneous

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Railway Shoes

Hitchcock Robyn
Railway Shoes
The leaves on the table are all turning gray
The first time she saw you she hoped you were gay
It’s hard to recover when you’re the disease
But I’m ready I swear it, I’m walking around in these
Railway shoes
In my railway shoes

The ghost of your father is
Right by your side
He’s so close to you that he’s almost inside
He’s guiding your head and he’s guiding your limbs
But he isn’t you, and you know you’re not him
In your railway shoes
In your railway shoes

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Take the train, taake the other train, mister, and stand by
Take the train, take the other train, honey-and ride

Madam I burn for you night after day
I’m empty without you and colder than clay
The wax on my body is making me cold
But I’ll never be able to go where I’m told in my
Railway shoes
In my railway shoes
Take the train, take the other train, honey-and stand by
Take the train-take the other train, mister-and ride

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