Psychosis Lyrics By Endovein

Artist/Band Name: Endovein

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Lyrics To Psychosis

Worldwide spreading, overflowing
News are travelling, every morning
Inside your brain lives your fear
Don’t believe to all that you hear

The light of the television, they keep on creating
Something that makes you unable of thinking
Paranoia and panic makes new gigantic
Their power is always increasing

Stories are getting (PSYCHO) stronger and bigger
From mouth to mouth, they’re getting richer
We hear it, psychosis makes me insane
We spread it, I need to quit from all this shit!

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That’s all a plot, a conspiracy
How can’t you see it? That’s idiocy!
Oh, do you think I’ve just lost my mind?

What about You, You think it’s all fine?!
Terror feeds from our minds

We all read the title, but what’s left behind?
Restless and unstable we live the illusion
But this nightmare has no conclusion

A plan made in secret above suspicion
By someone in an higher position
Distract your mind from the big deal
No more distinction between fake and real

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