Psycho-Time-Bomb-Planet-Earth Lyrics By Pretty Maids

Artist/Band Name: Pretty Maids

Album Name: Louder than Ever


Lyrics To Psycho-Time-Bomb-Planet-Earth

Purify my soul
Someone clear my eyes
Tell me if the grass looks greener
On the other side
Rotten to the core
Power seeking parasites
Outside your door

Who’ll offend you
Bend you
Condemn you
Tell you how to run your life
Steal wawy your pride

Throw your face into the dirt
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Tell me if the sky is falling down

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Hey you dogs of war
Defenders ot the flag
Tell ’em just to shove it up
And burn their body bags
Sex kill terror anarchy
Kiss the dirt taste the pain
Pass the panic to the population now

I see torture
And disorder
Mama let me out of here
Ain’t no place for me no!


Going through the mud
An endless flood
A sea of blood
Hatred and madness
The demons seed is sown
Beneath your feet
Inside your head


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I can’t stop this ship from sinking
Lord I hear the bombs are ticking
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Tell me is the sky is falling down

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