Progression of Suffering Lyrics By Relics of Humanity

Artist/Band Name: Relics of Humanity

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Lyrics To Progression of Suffering

Forgetful he is like a newborn
Among the soulless wasteland
Illuminated by crimson glow
The cursed land amid the spikes of mountains
That lures with tears of thousands,
That tempts with billion moans!
And driven by the only miserable wish
The mindless fool runs to it
His thirst desiring to slake
The gates appear in his sight invitingly open!
That place awaits!
As groan that sounds like melting soul
Has reached his ear
The terror turned him back
But the wind that once was fair
Tore off his skin and cut his eyes with sand
There he knew that there was no return
So he entered the gates and trod on the ground
There was no soil under his feet but human flesh
There were no trees but piles of dead
Where souls are perennially wither
And shadows are devouring their guts
The vagrant burst out running
And fear led him to the bank
He yelled “this is salvation!”
He fell to knees and drank
But fiery the river were
He sprayed his throat with flames
The thirst that was can’t be compared
To that which him awaits

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