Professional Lyrics By ELDee

Artist/Band Name: ELDee

Album Name:

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Lyrics To Professional

OlaDELe e,e,e,e,e and eLDee
e,e,e,e,e. O yes! We don
come. We don come, come. Trybe
records na we.

[Verse 1]
Make I tell una story. This girl
wey we see. O boy, she
dey take am like professional.
O boy see that babe wey dey
stand for back. With the big round
yansh and a nice attach.
She wear red and black? She wear
red and black. If I get small
chance I go by am shack. No be the
one wey I carry go yesterday?
As I see am for here, I dey take
am play. O boy, she take am
like professional.

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Dem go gather bobbie and dem dey
carry bottom. You go
see them for club. Dem dey wait
for aristo to come. Dem go
enter motor. You go think say
na juve dem be. But o boy, she
take am like professional. She
dey take am, like professional

(x5). She dey chop am like professional

[Verse 2]
Oya see dis one. Omo na sweet sixteen.
No jock yourself,
she don born pikin. She don born
pikin? Like 4 pikin. If
you no need wahala, just leave
the thing. She dey cook,
she dey clean, she dey find daddy.
Three boys, one girl,
who you wan marry. Emi? I go run
like professional.

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[Repeat chorus]

[Bridge x2]
Ye, ah, hey, ah, hey. O fe pa mi
o. Ye, ah, hey, ah, hey.
Ewa gba mi o.

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