Procreating an Apocalypse Lyrics By Inherit Disease

Artist/Band Name: Inherit Disease

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Lyrics To Procreating an Apocalypse

hey all stand up
Viciously attacking living human beings

They move to fast to find decent shelter
A wave of death causes instant hemorrhaging

Virally infected-suffocate

Melting eyes and taking limbs and heads from torsos
Awake, and dead virus is devouring

Its over, human life, the sky bleeds
Devouring everyone who’s heart still beats

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Finish off the human race remaining life is dying out fast
Screams are now fading away, society a thing of the past
No prayer for a dying world, the blood in veins no longer courses
The living have all expired, behold a forest of virulent corpses

Procreating an apocalypse
Nothing left, turn on each other

Unbridled display of gore
Husk of man, freakishly torn

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