Process Of Assimilation Lyrics By Hades

Artist/Band Name: Hades

Album Name:

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Process Of Assimilation

You anger me beyond belief
Lying for the sake of lying
Right to my face
As if I were as pathetically simple as yourself
Using anything and everything for an excuse
You’re twisting logical reasoning tight in a knot
Twist it!
Boycotting thought before action
You’re so damn self-assured
Further strangled by the results
Of your modified truth

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Rebel without a brain
What makes you think that lying’s cool?!
Deception’s noose keeps on tightening
Around your neck
Haunting you now are the loose ends
You neglected to check

Your life is your mind’s fabrication
You’re living a lie
Why not give the truth a small chance?
Hell would freeze before you’d try!

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