Prisoner Of Love (Digitally Remastered) Lyrics By Billy Eckstine

Artist/Band Name: Billy Eckstine

Album Name: The Very Best Of


Lyrics To Prisoner Of Love (Digitally Remastered)

Someone that I belong to
Doesn’t belong to me
Someone who can’t be faithful
Knows that I have to be
Wonder if I am wrong to give her my loyalty

Why should I be a lone soul
Why can’t I be my own soul
Alone from night to night you’ll find me
Too weak to break the chains that bind me
I need no shackles to remind me
I’m just a prisner of love
For one comand I stand and wait now

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From one who’s master of my Fate now
I can’t escape for it’s too late now
I’m just a prisoner of love
What’s the good of my caring if someone is sharing
Those arms with me
Although she has another
I can’t have another
For I’m not free
She’s in my dreams awake or sleeping
Up on my knees to her I’m creeping
My very life is in her keeping
I’m just a prisoner of love.

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