Present. If? (Intro) Lyrics By Manticora

Artist/Band Name: Manticora

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Lyrics To Present. If? (Intro)

Where am I?

Caught in the afterlife
Or in limbo who can tell
Save me from
The everlasting grief
That they call Hell
Eight internal bleedings
Stigmata one eper sin
I committed all of them
My cleansing can begin

Blood pressure weak
Broken and torn
A sinner who was cursed
From the day he was born

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Looking at the whitened
Ceiling through
A cloud of blood
Drifting in and out of
Consciousness in memory-flood
In my search for the light
I travel back in time
For my deadly sins to be
Uncovered as a holy crime

Cellular death
The soul has left his eye
Nothing to do nurse
Please take him away to die

What if my mortal remains
Are all that proved
I was here?
What if I didn’t leave
A mark in peoples’ sphere?
What if my deadly sins
Were my way to make you see? To make all you non-believers
Believe in me .

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