Praise the Lord, the God of Glory Lyrics By NYCYPCD

Artist/Band Name: NYCYPCD

Album Name: Higher Ground


Lyrics To Praise the Lord, the God of Glory

Praise the Lord! The God of glory
Who appeared to Abraham
Has appeared to us in spirit
For His purpose and His plan!
God of glory, God of glory,
Do appear to us today,
Saturate and permeate us
Till You fully have Your way.

Once we were in old Chaldea,
Worshipping the idols there;
But the God of glory called us,
Saved us all from Satan’s snare.
Get out, get out, from Chaldea,
From that evil foreign land.
Come in, come in, to the good land,
Christ, the church, the one new man.

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With the calling comes the promise
Of the kingdom life on earth.
This becomes our strength and motive
To get out of all the dearth!
Lord, we’re crossing every river—
For this You must call us on,
Till Your kingdom and expression
On this earth are fully come.

This is now the highest gospel
To those still in Chaldee’s land—
Leave the fallen situation,
You’ve been chosen for God’s plan.
God of glory, God of glory,
Do appear to us each day,
Call us out into Your building,
Your desire on earth today.

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