Practice Lyrics By Lloyd Banks

Artist/Band Name: Lloyd Banks

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Lyrics To Practice

60 in Diamonds or more check me shiny catour
You niggas ain’t gettin money
Dont lie to me lie to the law (man lie to them)

Bugatti B, AK A, and a lovely M
Russian K, Dollars Signs S’s and a couple Timbs
Fuck ya girl and fuck her friends
Play em over here to know whats up with them
Mojo got em breakin out the cuffs again (again?)

Fuck the average life to shoot for that is bad advice
I prefer paradise would you get mad I had it twice
Play wit me get paralyzed and I be where they parasail
And parallel to anything standin’ I got a parrot smell (You smell that?)

Legendary paragraphs so high I need a parachute (shhhhooooot)
They mock me like a parrot 80 carrots while I laugh at you
One of the only rappers to just happens to
Not have to do what they done did
Later kid your reputation black and blue (thats fucked up!)

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And Im practically new, closet like half of the zoo
Mobbin em, no mask in the crew
Starvin in back in the Stew

Foreign creek back on the tool
My charm get me ass by the two
Back stroke laps in the pool
Got her comin back to screw

She on my nuts if I mail her
I have her fuckin, suckin, tuckin a hammer
In my Camaro sunkin drunk as a Sailor
Show up and nothin familiar
You keep it real? we feel ya

U pistol packin for that mirror
I bet someone’ll kill ya (tonight!)
Hollow tips fill ya you’ll be snakin like Shakira
Death is near ya, you betta clear ya mind
And steer ya car like there’s no time

Quarter millie Lambo shine
Stuntin like Im practicin (practicin!)
Ballin willy and a don, hustle like a african
Quarter clappa marathon
Man I dont fucked my matress in (its broke!)
Runway model assathon
Palmin’ while Im passin’ ’em (Shhhhhoooo)

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Louis shoes and Louis shades
South Jamacia super dave
Gucci wear and Gucci watch
Gucci bottoms, Gucci top

Favorite color Gucci box
Good from hear to Gucci block
You softer than a coochie
Pick the poochie
Get ya Coogi popped

Mansions an Jacuzzi stops
Wish my haters ozi shots
Woozy head and oozin pots
Empty as they jewelry box

Gator by the box
Snake, Suede, Leather, Ostrich
New chrome on the two tone
What betta way to watch us?

Middle fingers to coppers
On the corner with my partners
Remy Martin, Henny, Vodka
Handgun, Semi, Chopper

Heavy drama, heavy Gwapa
We’ll tie down and re-doctor
Deadly wounds and heavy Opra
And there’s no room on the roster, Partner! (yeaaaahhhhh!)

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