Pot of Gold Lyrics By Johnny Mainstream

Artist/Band Name: Johnny Mainstream

Album Name: Ghost Broadway


Lyrics To Pot of Gold

Walking up slowly on the side of the road
With your hair slicked back and your eyes on the coal
Never ever got to worry about being alone
You dress real sharp and look real clean
But nobody sees what’s underneath
The fuel, the despair, the hunger
Stumble into bars with your weary life
In your eyes and on your mind
Rumble with your fists just to get by
Never be seen without a drink in hand
Broken bottles all part of your plan
With your eyes on that progress

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It was a long time ago
When you first set your eyes on that pot of gold
Wandering eyes call for candy
It was a long time ago
Before you left before you got old
Look in the mirror, can you?

Now that you’re old, now that it’s through
Now that you’ve left and come back again
Was it really worth it?
Did you see what you wanted to see
Did your eyes widen, stance relax for a minute?
Now that you’re gone, do you think
That anyone cares about what you’ve done?
Was this for you or for someone?

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