Possession Obsession Lyrics By Hall And Oates

Artist/Band Name: Hall And Oates

Album Name: Big Bam Boom

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Possession Obsession

Hall And Oates
Big Bam Boom
Possession Obsession
You know there’s something you need
Right here and now
To fill the space inside of yourself
Money love or power
When you want to have the number one first run anyone
You’re crazy ’til you own them
You ought to know better than that
The more that you buy the less you get back
It’s a case of possession obsession
Gimme Gimme

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The compulsion to count the percentage of time
Spent between two lovers
Can turn an hour into a crime
And all the good times suffer
Though you know it’s only jealousy
You can’t help but be
Haunted by your passion
Don’t you know it’s a matter of fact
The more that you take the less you give back
Just a taste of possession obsession
Brings a case of possession obsession
Gimme Gimme

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