Point of Stillness Lyrics By Kylesa

Artist/Band Name: Kylesa

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Lyrics To Point of Stillness

Force-fed resurrection
Swirling misconception
Searching for the calm
Lost within the storm

Lasting contemplation
Hanging from a rope
Slowly burning through
The quest will conclude
Reaching a point of…

Stillness, stillness

Searching, praying, dying

Call it in the way we speak
Destined to answer
The prolonged question

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Rope begins to snap
Return from the black
Light beings to shine
Reaching for the point of…

Stillness, stillness

Stretching belief when carving a stone
Initialize yourself to find your own
Choking stare, a vacant breath
Straining to find what should be mine

Point of stillness remains
Somewhere in my soul
Point of stillness remains
Lost within my soul

Point of stillness
Is somewhere around
Is somewhere inside
Cannot be found
Inside my heart or mind

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