Plain Lyrics By Paprika Korps

Artist/Band Name: Paprika Korps

Album Name: Metalchem

Genre: Ska

Lyrics To Plain

Plain, so obvious sign, not so obvious for the mind
Blindly questing for
Cause and the reason, and cause, and source
Squint your clever eyes
Logic and math its a moonshine bath
Things don’t care at all
Cause and reason, and cause, and the source

No map no compass
Tonight when we have no light
Let’s hope that we trod
The way back to the camp
Do not look at the leader
Now he’s chewing the map
Expedition lost its sense

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Private clause of rubbish, so firmly established
All your strenghts go down onto deleterious one

Tryin’ to decipher meaning of the cryptic glyphs
To dig out forgotten knowledge of the builders of the labirynth
We start to show nervous tension while the sun is going down
Feeling the upcoming night reading the collected files

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