Piece of Me Lyrics By J.Williams feat. Brooke Duff

Artist/Band Name: J.Williams feat. Brooke Duff

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Lyrics To Piece of Me

You took me up
You brought me down
You drag my love for you across the ground
I’ve had enough but I ain’t givin up
You make me feel like you don’t want my love
You come back in
You walk back out
You see me I’m right here, I’m standing right here
You’re in and out my life, playing games
No more games that ain’t right
I travel to the moon and stars
Moon and stars
Moon and stars for you
Everytime you walk out that door
You take a liitle piece of me
I gave you my heart, it was ignored
You take a little piece of me
I’m screaming oh, oh, oh ohhhoo oh
You got me saying oh, oh ohhhoo oh
You got me saying…
Wait til I go
What can I do
You got this running the thought of loosing you

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