Pibroch (Cap in Hand) (Remastered) Lyrics By Jethro Tull

Artist/Band Name: Jethro Tull

Album Name: 5 Album Set: Aqualung / A Passion Play / Minstrel In the Gallery / Too Old to Rock N Roll / Songs from the Wood (Remastered)


Lyrics To Pibroch (Cap in Hand) (Remastered)

There’s a light in the house in the wood in the valley.
There’s a thought in the head of the man.
Who carries his dreams like the coat slung on his shoulder,
Bringing you love in the cap in his hand.

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And each step he takes is one half of a lifetime:
no word he would say could you understand.
So he bundles his regrets into a gesture of sorrow,
Bringing you love cap in hand.

Catching breath as he looks through the dining-room window:
candle lit table for two has been laid.
Strange slippers by the fire.
Strange boots in the hallway.
Put my cap on my head.
I turn and walk away.

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