Perpetual (The Unplugged Factory… Unperpetualism) Lyrics By Ingrowing

Artist/Band Name: Ingrowing

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Lyrics To Perpetual (The Unplugged Factory… Unperpetualism)

Gloomy dawn of humanity
When human eye descried
For the first time
Shy sunbeams among the clouds
And bowed the head to nature
The dark epoch of insidious brutality
When man forgot the beginnings
Inexorable circuitous cource of life
We never change and stop

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Callous by deviant environment
We’re annihilating ourselves
Perverted human desire to destroy
Yourself and all beings around
Thins is a perpetual trouble
What will be worked out
When life chain will be broken
Like a pellucid glass crystal

Ostensible perpetual… ostensible useless
Or sure perpetual? … Or sure useless

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