Perfumed Lies Lyrics By Judybats

Artist/Band Name: Judybats

Album Name:

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Perfumed Lies

Native Son
Perfumed Lies
Wwe walked the park and into the rain
The bitter droplets
Washed the clouds from our eyes
Nothing to say
Nothing at all
ANd we stood there anxiously
Waiting for the scent
Of her perfumed lies

She had her youth and her own
Little world
Happily painting a picture
Of how we were meant to be
But it fractured her smile
This colorless town
And I told her that sorrow
Was never meant for her to see

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But it’s over now
Whatever we had
And still somehow I’ve
Never felt so bad

She came again
Like a forgotten dream
The bitter tears washed
The clouds from my eyes
Nothing to say
Nothing at all
And I stood there still
Waiting for the stench
Of her perfumed lies

It was nothing at all
The time we shared
And still somehow
I’ve never felt so alone

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So alone

It was nothing at all

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