Peace on Earth… / A Conversation (4:14-5:10) Lyrics By Psallos

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Lyrics To Peace on Earth… / A Conversation (4:14-5:10)

Since we have a great high priest
A great high priest
Our Jesus

Who has passed through heavenlies
To intercede for us

Let us hold fast our confession
For the Lord has been there too

And let us draw near to heaven
He will help you through

Let me tell you ‘bout the high priest
Chosen from among men, sent to represent them
And to act on behalf of a people that have a sin problem

Let me tell you ‘bout the high priest
Once every year, there’s a day where they
Well he enters in the holiest place
To ask grace to be saved from the sin problem

Let me ask you ‘bout this high priest
Sounds like a righteous guy
Is his life spotless and sanctified
Nothin’ condemnin’ him like a sin problem

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Let me tell you the sin problem
The funny thing is, as you’ll see
He has the same disease
So he must atone for his own sins first
What on earth
It’s like he’s not a very good high priest
How’s he gonna intercede when he’s got the same infirmity

Wouldn’t the Lord show anger towards him as well
Cause just as sinful as the rest of Israel?
I see your point but you’ve gotta see mine
These men were appointed by God’s design

Designed to die
No designed to sympathize
With the lives of the Israelites

I think you might be losing your mind, there, Thom!
Sympathy’s not going to save
I know but listen to what I’m saying, Kelsie

These guys are like shadows and types
Yeah, ineffectual types
Your guitar’s an ineffectual type

But what we can agree on is this
Jesus, He is better, He is infinitely better
Blameless, spotless, sinless, righteous
Able to fight this sinful-itis

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Able to right these wrongs that plague us
Able to justify and save us
Able to sympathize with our weakness
Cause He has taken on flesh to seek us

He is better in every way
Than the Levite priests of the olden days
For His priestly reign will never ever cease
And he is of the order of an ancient priest

As said by the Lord who declared it so
And appointed Him a priest
by the word of an oath

Let us tell you ‘bout this great high priest
In the days of His flesh, He prayed
With cries and tears, with righteous fear
To the one who was able
to save Him from death

Though a son, He learned to obey
By bearing weight and suff’ring pain
And a perfect priest he became

And now He is able to save us from death

For He is of the order of Melchizedek.

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