Pat Lyrics By Built to Spill

Artist/Band Name: Built to Spill

Album Name: There Is No Enemy

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Pat

Pat we need your brains back
Pat we need your fire
And your imagination

Pat we know you fucked up
But we don’t care you fucked up
Everybody’s fucked up

Thought I heard your voice
The other night
And sure enough it came
From you
Thought I’d be surprised
That you weren’t dead
But all I was was glad

Just sitting by your bed
And talking to your head
And hearing what you said
As if you’d never left

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Can’t you see yourself yet
Can’t you see through our eyes
Can’t you see the truth

Nothing’s worse than never
Falling in a dream’s where
We can see together

Saw you the other night
Have to say
Something wasn’t right
Of course
But I didn’t mind
‘Cuz seeing you
Being all alive

Just walkin in the room
Made me so relieved
Like everything was fine
And you had never died
Or second guessed your mind
Or gave up on our trust
Thought you’d gone too far
For us to take you back
But distances like that, pat
Don’t exist in fact

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