Party Till the Money’s All Gone Lyrics By Adam Brand

Artist/Band Name: Adam Brand

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Lyrics To Party Till the Money’s All Gone

Oh man, give me a cold beer, maybe two

Well she cleaned out my house lock stock and barrel
And never even kissed me goodbye
She took my dog, my horse, my boots and my saddle
So friend if you’re wondering why

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I’m gonna sit right here and drink cold beer
Sure as hell aint goin’ home
Till they give last call for alcohol
We’ll party till the money’s all gone

I got a letter from her big shot lawyers
Saying they weren’t thru with me yet
They want the entire amount in my bank account
I get to keep what’s left

There’s gonna be nothing left, not a zip not a cent

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I don’t care and it don’t matter
We’ll just have a good time
Cause she’ gonna choke
When she sees I’m flat broke
Coz I’m spending every last dime
It’s all gone and all mine

Ah I’m sorry baby there’s nothing left!
Oh hang on

Billy K. Hicks

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