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Artist/Band Name: Katie Tropp

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Lyrics To Party Song

Hey yo throw that blunt in the air,
Let’s toke this shit up like you just don’t care,
Hey everybody are you drinking tonight?
Let’s fuck this place up and start a bunch of fights!

I’m so fucking drunk I don’t know what’s goin on?
I don’t give a fuck take a hit off this bong,
This the fuckin song,
You get real fucked up on,
You get so messed up you wake up with your friends mom!
I dunno where the fuck I’m at the room is spinning,
I don’t give a flying crap I’ll still keep drinking,
No I won’t stop I want a vodka on the rocks,
I wanna be so messed up I don’t remember this song!
I don’t want to feel feelings for the rest of the night,
I don’t want to remember anything just forget the whole night,
So raise your drink to this,
Cuz this is the shit,
Don’t even piss me off cuz I’ll make you my bitch!
It’s so crazy in this place tonight,
If I don’t watch out I might get into a fight,
So keep the hoes outta my sight,
Cuz I’m drinkin tonight,
Take a hit off this shit I’ll be flyin real high!

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It’s 4: 20 so of course I’m already stoned,
I’m taking every single bong hit straight to the dome,
Get the fuck up bitch and head out on the dance floor,
Shake your ass to this shit cuz we all know you’re a whore!
I’ll be the one whose just chillin in the back,
Drinkin, Smokin and flowin on my raps,
On occasion you might even see me go and dance,
But right now I’m too messed up to even try that!
I don’t want no drama I just want to have some fun,
But if some bitch steps to me I’ll fuck her ass up,
I ain’t got no problem with smashing up your face,
I will kick you when you’re down and spray you with some mace!
Then I’ll walk away laughing because I don’t give a fuck,
I’ll go right back to the bar and get even more drunk,
Then I’ll grab the mic and start a flow like this,
While I’m puffin on another blunt and laughing at the bitch!

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Get up, get down, knock a bitch around,
I don’t give a fuck I’ll slap her for you now,
Haha you think I’m joking just cuz I am a broad,
But most hoes deserve it cuz they all acting like frauds!
They think it’s fuckin cool to act like a slut,
All you stupid ho bags deserve it I don’t give a fuck!
I don’t snort lines and I don’t smoke meth,
I just blaze on my weed I don’t need an early death,
I’ve seen it in my family it leads to a dead end,
Just ask my cousin Bobby he’s up in prison,
All I need is weed it’s my favorite thing in life,
Puff and puff away and spit some crazy rhymes,
Get myself a drink then everything will be fine,
Got my weed and some vodka now that’s what I call a night!
So roll a blunt to this,
Grab your fuckin bitch,
And hit the dance floor like you don’t know what it is!

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