Panzer Division Marduk Lyrics By Marduk

Artist/Band Name: Marduk

Album Name: Infernal Eternal


Lyrics To Panzer Division Marduk

Black, fearsome and grim and mighty
panzer division marduk rolls over enemy land
striking hard and fast against your lines
we blow your fortress into sand
The victory is satan’s but the battle is ours
we avenge you for centuries of rape, murder and theft
behold the power of our killing machine
there’ll be nothing but dust when the vultures have left
Forged in the essence of the unholy flames
by the first angel once fallen from the skies
the war hounds of hell can’t be stopped on our march
to extinguish the goodness and lies
Panzer division marduk continues its triumphant crusade
against christianity and your worthless humanity

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