Pachinko Lyrics By Pogues

Artist/Band Name: Pogues

Album Name: Waiting For Herb

Genre: New Age

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Lyrics To Pachinko

Waiting For Herb
(Jem Finer)

I’m walking down Roppongi
The night is hot and smoggy
I drink a little coffee
A sake and a beer
I run into a ginja man
He speaks but I don’t understand
He grins at me and takes my hand
And whispers in my ear

I play Deji Pachi
I play Deji Pachi
I play Deji Pachi
In my Pachinko dream
I go Uchi Domi
I go Uchi Domi
I go Uchi Domi
In my Pachinko dream

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My senses all asunder
I stand and stare in wonder
There’s bright light and there’s thunder
In Pachinko land

Well versed in the way of Zen
My pockets lined full of yen
I walk the aisle and back again
And sit at Domo’s hand


I’m on the lexus fever
My hand tight on the lever
I’m shrieking like a diva
Staring in a trance

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Turn the handle to the right
A stream of silver balls in flight
It screams and howls a blaze of light
The earth moves below me
I’m laughing tears of sheer delight
As I go Uchi Domi


Billy K. Hicks

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