Over & Over Lyrics By Mae

Artist/Band Name: Mae

Album Name:

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Over & Over

I woke up eager to greet the day
And ask the questions that troubled me
Thinking you and I could work it out peacefully
And believe that it was just that easy
Here we stand now on separate sides
It seems one thing we don’t realize
Is that neither of us have made room for compromise
So we remain in contrary corners again

This is how we stay
Over & Over games we play
We could rise or give in
But is Over & Over happening again?

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Am I to wonder what comes of this?
Or try to make sense of it?
Do these walls we build have any significance?
And will summer’s birth bring difference?
So here we are now waiting for June
I hear that we’re humming different tunes
And we’re still at odds in the middle of the afternoon
It seems this time will finally be the last time

This is how we’ve stayed
Over & Over games we’ve played
Not today
So Over & Over is what happens again.

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You complicate and you break down
I chew your words while you spit them out
We see the same thing but differently
Stuck in our separate realities

This is now we stay
Over & Over game we play
But Over & Over can not happen again

This is how we stay
Over & Over games we play
We will not ever win
So Over & Over & Over & Over & Over & Over is Over

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