Over It (Feat. Ryan Bradley) Lyrics By Tech N9ne

Artist/Band Name: Tech N9ne

Album Name: Strangeulation


Lyrics To Over It (Feat. Ryan Bradley)

No matter what way the fans receive music
We at Strange Music
Will be right there in it
All those streaming services make it nearly impossible for artist to make some real bread
We will prevail and take over all facets of the music industry

[Hook: Ryan Bradley]
All of us are over it
So we’re takin’ over it
So cold the shoulder gets
Cause we’re over it, over it
So we’re takin’ over it

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
Time’s up
I’m just
Gonna make it difficult for other rappers to get their rhymes up
N9ne’s a mindfuck
I’m the kind to design the crime
Bury them all in lime
Your shine’s behind us
Stop you can do it all day
But you’re not gonna pop
Me the crew and all lay
In the box you were topping the charts
Look at the people not even jockin’ your art
Why’s that
Cause everybody that really buys rap
Don’t wanna listen to any guys yap
Fly, this will leave you in the sky cap
Three X
We test the best
Reflect cause you’re about to go see depth
And the killer gonna be Tech
He next
All the people never gonna re-elect
Such a reject
When I spit vital
With this title
You sit idle
Like Seacrest
We over it

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[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
Better pray that they want to come see your show
That right there gonna be your dough
You fizzin out and we want more
We gon’ blow, them all away then haul away
The raw decay then y’all will say
“We don’t know”
The K.O.D’ll spray the fraud away
Make it a holiday
See killin’ when he don’t flow
I’m enhanced and polished
All the women they wanna dance and frolic
You was a winner well now the grands in pockets
Now you get rants and audits
We bored wit ch-ya
Quick to hit ya
With the war whip
Scripture mister Forbes list
A bigger figure from a poor nigga
A lot of y’all names I could say
If I was evil, I really would Sway
But I was taught to not be no punk
And don’t pull no punches my hood say
Since y’all actin’ like Biancas and Be-
I should say
Your last album was everywhere
And I don’t mean that in a good way
We over it

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[Bridge: Tech N9ne]
You can rap all you want and sing
But I’m runnin’ things
I’m forever makes you want to scream
Cause I’m the one and king

[Verse 3: Tech N9ne]
Don’t be devastated due to my dialect
Dummies down declining due to die and debt (die and debt)
When you wake and wonder why you wide and wet
Wicked whispers whiskin’ away you why invest (why invest)
Ain’t no competition so get violent
Ain’t expectin’ nothin’ but ya silence (silence)
So fly or not you’re not gon’ be the fucking pilot
I know you know my number you can dial it (dial it)
You got to know by now
That I’m really unstoppable
Try now
You’ll be silly in a hospital
Lie down
Got the pilly in a lock & load
I’m takin’ everything
Breakin’ everything you’ll spit
This ain’t nothin’ to me child’s play
That’s why I’m takin’ over this (Bullshit!)

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