Outro Lyrics By Ryan Caraveo

Artist/Band Name: Ryan Caraveo

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Lyrics To Outro

Maybe they were wrong about me
And I was right the whole time
Underrated newcomer
Sittin’ on a goldmine
Never took a shortcut
I been on that slow grind
Add up all the baby steps
I’ll be there in no time
Folks line up and down the block to see the spectacle
You don’t got to like at least admit this shit respectable
Never had dollars we were fighting over decimals
Decimated all the doubt now I’m feelin resolute
Now I’m feelin purposeful
Workin till momma’s purse is full
Been rock bottom only way to go is vertical
I was off balance yeah
I was catching vertigo
Now they breakin vertebrae
Every time I circle through
I prefer to do everything I imagined it
They just offer handouts so they can put their hands in it
Break it into sand it lit
Play me like a mandolin
Wait until I’m down till they offer me companionship
Sayin they gon ride for me when shit hits the fan again
They ain’t really crazy
They is manic as a mannequin
Can it man I cannot stand hearing anymore of this
I guess the morale is

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Just maybe
Just maybe they were wrong
I’mma go until I get it
I’mma chase it till it’s gone
Head in the clouds and my feet on the ground
Screamin’ down at em like look at me now

Just maybe
Just maybe they were wrong
Just maybe
Just maybe they were wrong
Don’t be fooled by the frown on my face
I’m just playin along
Just maybe
Just maybe
Just maybe

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