Our Love Lyrics By Amy Grant

Artist/Band Name: Amy Grant

Album Name: House Of Love

Genre: Christian

Lyrics To Our Love

Amy Grant
House Of Love
Our Love
I don’t know what to say to you
Tears are on your face
You don’t know how we’ll make it through
Such a lonely place
But if you could read my mind
Then you’d understand
Even in times like these
I’m wanting nothing other than

Our love
You and me together
Our love
I’ll stay with you
Our love
Our love our love is true

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Oh won’t you take me in your arms
That’s where i belong
Together we are safe from harm
Together we are strong
I will hold your heart in mine
And guard it through the night
Let the stillness of this moment
Speak to us of all that’s right with

(repeat chorus)

Our love
You and me forever
Our love
I’m made for you
Our love
Our love our love is true

Close your teary eyes and sleep
I’ll watch through the night and keep

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(repeat chorus)

Our love
Our love

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