Otis Lyrics By Jadakiss

Artist/Band Name: Jadakiss

Album Name: Heavyweight Champ 5


Lyrics To Otis

[Intro: Jadakiss]
I’ll do it thousand times..
Matter of fact, I can do it 3000 times
Call me Mr 3000

[Verse 1: Jadakiss]
These rappers need to take a lying course
Hit a hoodrat put her on a iron horse
Just remember, you the worker, I’m the boss
Little niggas, go to your room, and do your chores
I can get anything, nigga, if I want it
Make a gentleman’s bet and put a pie on it
Treat the track like shit, and talk fly on it
I ain’t watching the throne, but got my eye on it

[Verse 2: Styles P]
I invented movie’s matinee
If rap didn’t that work then it was back to yay
In an hour like EP, MD, Yeah biggie the best, nigga, then me (and me)
And loose, still bang you out cherry red M3 Coupe
Still with the niggas that I grew up with
Couple niggas threw up shit, Blew up shit
All this for a vehicle, blew up kids
Condo downtown with a new tough bitch
Best friend cook crack good and suck dick
Probably the rap nigga girlfriend that I fuck with

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[Jadakiss & Styles P]

Uh, can’t firm, this is wavy
Blowing out loud packs with the prince of Haiti
Welcome home to my nigga 80
I was moving them things, you was just a baby

I’m in the mean zone
I spit mean poems
For these mean clones
Forest green foams
The needle of a thread flow need a seam song
Hard plastic, blue steel and mean chrome

I’m no hater, you’re no greater
I’m accustomed to crushing the bodega
Buying all this new shit, with old paper
Silk Versaces, Go with them old gators
Turbo with a white hemi, Grey goose, Patron shots of White Remy
Over the years I’ve acquired some nice pennies
Violate, So I could fire this nice semi
Suit taylor though, nigga, hand made
Your girl spinnin on my dick like the fan blade
Blowing like the AC
Been nice as Biggie days, fuck it we on a rampage

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Jay to the mwah, I’ll ghost you
Say good bye to whoever you close to
Always been top 5, now I’m in top one
Fly nigga, make a model with a shotgun
Roll a dutch, be happy that you’re shotgun
I know alot of gansters, your man’s not one
With the jeweler or the dealer at the lot, hun
And I get a lot of paper and not one’s

Always been the hardest, now I’m just way better than every fucking artist
Everybody’s a target, we ain’t on a intake
Your girl sucking the seats out
I’ve been straight
All she see is templates
All I see is permanent money
Go ahead and spit game cause
You’re learning it from me

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