One Love Lyrics By Keysha

Artist/Band Name: Keysha

Album Name:

Genre: Ska

Lyrics To One Love

when i get older, i’ll jump up to the sky and talk to the stars about you
when i get deeper, i’ll dive to the bottom of the seas and get these pearls for you baby

cause i got one love
and i can love u for the rest of my life

when get stronger, i’ll walk up to my ex tell her that i’m history
sooner or later, i’ll and put a ring on your finger
and love you forever and after
and shower you with my love
cause u my destiny, my ebony
my ivory, on my piano keys
the reason why, i’ll travel through, the seven seas, cause u are

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When I get wiser, I’ll take a resolution
And make my revolution, yeah
When I get lighter, I’ll take my love with me
And dwell in paradise, and wait for you forever

And I can love you for the rest of my life

Cause I got one love, for you

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