One Long Final Walk Lyrics By Michael Card

Artist/Band Name: Michael Card

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Lyrics To One Long Final Walk

The moment has come, now we must go
The battle’s begun, the full moon’s aglow
One final meal, one final talk
One long final walk

I am the Vine, the One who is true
Remain in Me, my Word is in you
You are the branches, speaking the Truth
And Bearing the fruit

Now love one another
As I have loved you
This is my command
That your joy will be full

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As the world’s hated me, so it will hate you
For the work I have done no one else could do
The Word I have spoken, all who refuse
Will have no excuse

When the Comforter comes, I’ll send Him to you
He will testify, the Spirit of Truth
Who comes from the Father to live in your hearts
For you were there from the start

I have more to say
That you cannot hear
When the Comforter comes
Everything will be clear

The hour has come, you’lI flee in fear
But I am not alone, my Father is here
So don’t be afraid and trust in my Word
I’ve conquered the world
I’ve conquered the world
I’ve conquered the world

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