One Head, Many Minds Lyrics By ForeverAtLast

Artist/Band Name: ForeverAtLast

Album Name: February to February


Lyrics To One Head, Many Minds

I knew one day my bones would walk on their own/clinging to dirty fixtures/an IV of air/searching for fluids too rare/bottled up and placed much higher/than we are able to reach/I knew one day my bones would walk on their own/leaving my skin to find it’s way home/I would coax my body into rejecting them/allow the brittle to gain marrow once again/eat the meat I’ve been given/no more rotting myself/there is the Doctor now/we’ve scraping along this floor for every breath of desperation/will you stay wrapped up or wrap them down/let Him walk you out or break your crown/gain my flesh back on my bones/hold the skin up for the bride/after all He hung His like a hide.

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