One Bitch Lyrics By Blue Sky Black Death

Artist/Band Name: Blue Sky Black Death

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Lyrics To One Bitch

[Verse 1]
I do it too big for you to belittle me
Hip hop’s dead, bury it next to chivalry
She fuckin’ like she’s dead, lazy as my delivery
Make rhymes in my head, then I write ’em in caligraphy
Always keep a hammer like that old white bitch from Misery
Stick them Stick Up Kids on me, they’re gonna fail miserably
My old lady sick of me, I’m chewy as some gizzards be
I be havin’ lizard dreams, trippin’ off that DMT
Alice come to wonderland, had her mix that lean with tea
Feelin’ like Joey Crack, everybody lean with me
Your bitch looks like Joe Budden’s ex, you know the one from “Freak-A-Leak”
Only time I take my dick up out her is to take a leak
Have my money in a week or I’ma send my Iron Sheik
Lock me up, it’s okay I’ll climb away with tied up sheets
Tide is up, find your freak tied up to a private beach
My lawyer is a liar, leech, long arm of the law in reach

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I got one bitch, go ahead and count up (uh-uh)
One rollin’ up the sour (one), one choppin’ up the yowda (two)
One bitch, go ahead and count up (uh-uh)
One hoppin’ out the shower (three), one stop by every hour (that’s four)
One bitch

[Verse 2]
I’m like Pops in Friday, all my shit talkin’
I make Christopher Watkins look like Chris Robin
She ain’t got no snaps on petrol then the bitch walkin’
Behind her revvin’ up the engine, now the bitch joggin’
I ain’t Lil B at all but my bitch mobbin’
Bitch sweepin’, dishwashin’, got a bitch moppin’
High as Mary Poppins, tell her pop it while she yappin’
Spoiled rotten, buy the whole display, it’s window shoppin’
Most these rappers Dennis Rodman, takin’ checks and floppin’
Alfred Hitchcock high, how the birds be flockin’
All the girls be talkin’, stole their purses, never stoppin’
I got some head from her friend and she still be jockin’
I’m a livin’ legend, let the legend live
I don’t give a fuck now if I ever did
But I never did so you can suck a severed dick
Take it with this eye gouge, bitch lookin’ seven kids

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