One 4 da Team Lyrics By Onyx feat. Reks

Artist/Band Name: Onyx feat. Reks

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Lyrics To One 4 da Team

You can run, but you can’t hide
When you know it’s coming! Look at what we started
This ain’t for the week artist!
Time to restart it
Bring it back and recharge it!
And we call us, we’re gonna kill this, we’re goddess
We the street shortest here to peak this week’s chart list
Charged with [??] cause Onyx [??]
And niggas know the good time to find it
Onyx get the crowd excited
And night niggas up, and only [??] niggas [??]
You got a [??] but you can’t counts for acting reckless
Snatch your necklace
You know I got the toast back at breakfast
The night says ghetto
Where every nigga in their ways got to meddle
When you can’t escape the ghetto
Where you’re trapped in
Where you’re into action
Ready for any interaction
We’ve got the catch when we enter the premises
Two shots make a family reminiscent

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When they jump off, take one for the team
One for the team, take on for the team
When they dump off, take one for the team
One for the team, take on for the team (Reks!)

When they jump off and dump off, take one for the team!
For the bloodline, the [??] the DNA, the genes
Pledge allegiance any means [??]
Best proud to hold my believes
And my peace from the streets
A lot of queens for regime stand solid
Our dream is just to dream without progress
Profit with my profits, building with disciples in the process
Snowgoons souls turn blacker than the Onyx
Master the abolics and the violents and vomit
Death talks similar to climate
Climate to the summit, to drama come next
They see your jewels, tell you running
No deep than your mind, you don’t want it!
[??] your mouth cause cheap moment, [??] get confronted
You’re not a thug, cause you come from it
You gotta hold down, you [??] now
Where you gonna be when it go down?

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I thought it was rap for hip-hop to call on me
I’m [??] [??] everything on the song with me
Stage all crazy, niggas don’t wanna perform with me
So I started thinking it’s something wrong with me
But no! I got a feel in the show!
Kill a man, you’re a murder
Kill them all, you are God!
I was raised behind bars, born in the yard
And they take me that long to be all [??]
Now who you know that it’s hard as me?
Divine intervention, nobody fathered me!
I’m a psychic, you don’t want to start with me
I could tell your future, it’s gonna end horribly!
I’m always in the crowd cause I dive on my fans
Niggas don’t wanna battle, cause I rhyme with my hands
Hit you with the punch line, all open here
Love me or hate me, I don’t give damn!

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