On Darkened Wings Lyrics By Marduk

Artist/Band Name: Marduk

Album Name: Infernal Eternal


Lyrics To On Darkened Wings

Ride now on fast horses
With swords drawn let steel meet steel
Swords shall sing
And shields will lay broken

Warrior’s shields met
And many weapons broke
Many met death
But that’s a part of the process

The sky is filled with red
Of the fallen’s blood
Perdition, damnation cries my soul
To burn in hell is now my only goal

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So once again we meet
Look into our eyes, look deep
In the sky that is our mind
The dark clouds are gathering
As our hate unites with our soul

Rising our hands
The renewal has begun
Since long time ago
Faded spirits
Screams with scorn

Rising fro mthe soul
As a united force
Carried by darkened wings

Dark through time
To open the door
To the blackened place of rest

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To once spread his darkened wings

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