On A Bitch (Nacho Picasso) Lyrics By Blue Sky Black Death

Artist/Band Name: Blue Sky Black Death

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Lyrics To On A Bitch (Nacho Picasso)

[Verse 1: Nacho Picasso]
J’s on a bitch, haze on a bitch
And no I’m not Flava but I’ll Flav on a bitch
I don’t save on a bitch, I go shame on a bitch
Throw planes on a bitch, I don’t rain on a bitch
I go H.A.M. on a bitch, I’ll throw sand on a bitch
If you interrupt my gyro, I’ll throw lamb on a bitch
I don’t ever want to have to put hands on a bitch
So I’m callin’ up some boppers to handle it quick
My damsels are sick, they could handle the dick
They follow all orders, my plans to they stick
A Manson-type clique cause I’m handsome as shit
Got ’em dancin’ round campfires, prancin’ and shit
Here I go again, I’m just ranting and shit
While currently they’re planning, I’m damning my clique
And I just rolled a footer, so hand me my Bic
And the booty’s so big that her panties don’t fit

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[Hook x2: Nacho Picasso]
It’s all on bitch, call on a bitch
Ball on bitch, put my balls on a bitch
Stall on a bitch, U-Haul on a bitch
Never trip over nor fall on a bitch

[Verse 2: Nacho Picasso]
Had tools on a bitch, Cancun on a bitch
I usually just cruise, I don’t choose on a bitch
Whole crew’s on a bitch, who’s on a bitch?
Brand new flannel and some shoes on a bitch
I ran on a bitch, hundred grand on a bitch
And if I can’t reach it, I’mma stand on a bitch
Killa Cam on a bitch, I go scram on a bitch
If I jump off a cliff, probably land on a bitch
Fuck Morgan Freeman, the way I be leanin’
The blunts that I steam lean on me, I’m screamin’
Think that she leavin’, I think that she’s dreamin’
She drink all my semen, she constantly fiendin’
But I’m claustrophobic, I’m constantly fleein’
Give her bladder infections, constantly peein’
The car European, the car from Koreans
She deepthroat kielbasa but swear that she vegan

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[Hook x2]

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