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Lyrics To Oh Word?

I love them all
Fans and naysayers
Max and fake players
Lovers and player haters
Brothers that trade gators
But that’s copycat ’cause they want the same flavor
But I was thought that bigger fences make better neighbors
I told Fest to hold tight and get greater later
He didn’t have the patience so he tried to take my paper
When brothers gonna learn? With this is long-term
Respect’s bout to earn but greenhouse won’t burn

Motherfuckers, they think they can really fuck with me at this shit
It’s what I do, man, you can’t stop the kid
Going in, bro

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How should I begin?
Back on my grind again, biters wanna bite the kid
Writers wanna slight the kid
Herb’s got nerve to criticize the life I live
But if they can’t relate then I don’t lie for them
But if you’re listening now, home or out in the crowd
I gotta assume you feeling the style
Otherwise you probably would’ve turned me off like pop!
Ok, back to the track
This is for my cats that stack the paper up
My people packing’tape it up
I’m just a cat in rap tryna make a buck
You got a platinum plaque but I say you suck
You fake fuck, this is my true life story
The same, bro, I came from shoebox money
Now dudes wanna remove all dues from me
‘Cause you do what you wanna do when you got money

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